Couples Silhouette Portraits

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This group or family portrait silhouette is custom made. A unique piece of art for your home and makes a great gift. Printed silhouttes come in a choice of black or white frame and horizontal or vertical direction with option for text. Please contact The Studio for custom background imagery or size. We can create any request.


easy to order 

1. Take a photo with your phone of the side profile of who you'd like framed

2. Send the photos to

3. Recieve a confirmation and done.

4. Checkout on this website


how to take photo

exact side profile: exact side view 

good contracts between subject and background in focus

note: it is good to send 2-3 photos of each silhouette to reference


• can be used hanging or standing, horizontally & vertically

• front protection: polystyrene, polyethylene

• without mat 17"w x 12"h 

• with mat 10"w x 8"h 

Couples Silhouette Portraits

Frame Color
Print Orientation
Silhouette Direction